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The kinesiology I do integrates with the Natural and Universal Laws of Health and Healing; the laws of how we function and how we heal.

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Principles of Geometry in the UHM.

Sacred space is within our awareness and within us. Not in our body or brain cells but in the volume of our consciousness. Wherever we go we bring the sacred within us to the sacred around us. If we have this consciousness why would we endow objects outside ourselves as sacred and ignore the same sacred source within us?

All this was understood in ancient times and deemed so important that it was built into the culture on every level. These days scientists confirm with formulas what ancient seers knew through revelation: that the world’s patterns and cycles are harmonious when seen as mathematical relationships. The ancients’ intuitive revelations were grounded by the study of nature, numbers, and shapes.

Where we see “things, nouns and discrete objects,” the ancient mathematical philosophers saw processes, verbs, transforming patterns meshed harmoniously. The word “cosmos” generally refers to “outer space.” But the word derives from the Greek “kosmos” (signifying “embroidery”). Understanding that embroidery is a reflection of a design or pattern, we see that

by studying the recurring harmonious patterns inherent in mathematics, music, and nature, ancient mathematical philosophers recognised that consistent correspondences occur (embroidered) throughout the universe.

Through extensive study of universal patterns and by intuitive revelation the ancients realized that the structure and patterns of arithmetic and geometry re-enact the creating processes found all through nature. Although the pattern’s outer form adapts to different cultures, it may be rediscovered in any era by examining simple numbers, basic shapes, and nature. Thus, people of every historical period can understand the principles of nature’s creating process by imaginatively examining the corresponding archetypal relationships inherent in mathematics, geometrics and personified in mythology, art and culture.

The cosmic creating process is deep within us and can emerge through our hands with the help of the three traditional tools of the geometer - the compass, the straight edge, and the pencil. To the ancients these tools represented three divine attributes that designed the patterns of the world. By contemplating the essence of each of the ten numbers through geometric constructions, we will gaze directly at the lines on the face of deep wisdom, the divine substrate of nature and ourselves.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”. - Marcel Proust (1871-1922, French novelist) The value ‘one’, or ‘unit’, is the parent of all numbers and the ‘circle’ is the parent of all shapes. All subsequent shapes and patterns will be inscribed within the all-encompassing Monad - the sphere.

That’s why the world is called a universe (Latin for “one turn”). No other universes exist except within this One, which Plato refers to as the “whole of wholes.” These whole structures, investigated by Pythagoras and others, were found to exist in definite relationships to the “whole” (Monad). Even his study into language supported this foundation. “Every language having a structure, by the very nature of language, reflects in its own structure that of the world as assumed by those who evolved the language.

The Universal Healing Model:

  • Is a contextual representation of the various areas of life.

  • It demonstrates the philosophy of "How we Heal" and,

  • Is an expression of the healing processes going on in an individual.

  • And it deals with the contextual relationships and conflicts within people,

  • The expression of values and conflicts between conscious and subconscious in people, and

  • How the Universal Laws of Healing apply to individuals.

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