My Kinesiology Training Programs

Most people who enrol in a kinesiology training program want things to happen quickly. This article begins an explanation series and explains why it important to begin the right way, to begin with training in the right topics and to put into practice your newly learned skills.

When my husband was learning to play tennis it wasn't long before he thought I was a champion until his coach moved him to the advanced classes and he played in a few tournaments.

Then; back to earth with a crunch. You wise and learned person reading this will now understand that in any endeavoryou must first learn the craft, then practice what you have learned, then work harder than ever to master your new found must first learn the craft, then practice what you have learned, then work harder than ever to master your new found skills.

So what has tennis got to do with a kinesiology training program? Well most of the initial presentation doesn't explain is how difficult it is to get started and to acquire the skills needed for success as a Kinesiologist.

Simply put people go onto the web or "Internet", with an idea which they think will transform their lives; then get involved with all the hype which seems to transform the way they think to the point that "this looks so easy" and "so this is the way a (kinesiology) business operates, I can do this"!

For many new people to the Internet or wanting to learn "online", this maybe their first venture into a professional business so having spent your money you want to be sure about how to really begin a kinesiology business and often are tentative in their initial approaches.

This is good because you now realise you must work in the right way within the right team and with the right tools as there is simply too much to do yourself.

To be successful in kinesiology, new students need to learn from someone who is already successful. When a new kinesiology practitioner knows how to proceed, they can build their client list with confidence.

Only one person in a hundred is a "self-starter." The other 99 will require that you invest time into their success, and show them how to begin.

There are three steps to building your client list:

1. Carefully lay down a path that can then later run on
2. Being involved with a kinesiology Trainer who is at the top of their profession.
3. Working with the team to develop kinesiology depth and experience.

Just now then for you maybe the right time to keep following along and then one thing may become certain:
If you learn your kinesiology art and skills from and if you continue, you will develop a paradigm shift and learn new ways of applying this new found knowledge.

So is your new mindset in place? Is your new kinesiology skill set beginning to flower and in its formative stage? If you want to work part-time or full-time from home, you must decide whether or not working and being your own boss is right for you.

Next you need to consider what type of work you are best at. In kinesiology opportunities avail themselves although this may not be so obvious when you begin learning your new craft and skills, yet as these opportunities may be new, and new skills will need to be learned.

Becoming a kinesiology Professional is more like a freelance career in many ways. It starts with evaluating your own skills and requirements, then learning new ones and finally developing the right environment to further develop your new found profession.

Of course while this is all happening others in the training group are applying their own expertise in other aspects that initially you may find impossible for you to do. However if the course is structured in a correct and planned way, the revelations you discover while on this path you will find very enlightening as your learning experience is proceeding.

Often you can use your previous work experience as a launching pad for your work at home kinesiology career. Some people look at this opportunity as a way to break out of their old job. If you'd like to try something completely different, there are many opportunities here.

So - if you want to start your own kinesiology business, the opportunities are certainly there. However you must start by attending our kinesiology Training Certificate course and begin at the beginning.

While not everyone can do this work, if you decide to become involved you'll not be alone and as well as receiving training, someone will be mentoring your progress. Mentoring by teachers and practitioners like Val Walters and Nilva Van Zeyl and other practitioners while training is an essential.

Article by:
Brian Walters Easternview Recuperation Centre IT Department