News & Information For 2017

For up-to-date information about Easternview Education Centre including kinesiology and Neuro-Training as a modality, you've come to the right place.  This is a new venture for us and we hope to more articles and news over time.

Diploma in Kinesiology  | Start February 2016
Easternview Education Centre is planning to commence a Certificate IV in Kinesiology Course in February 2014 with our trainers Nilva Van Zeyl and Valerie Walters.  Both are Authorised Trainers with College of Neuro-Training and part of the Wollongong & Southern Highlands Campus.

College Of Neuro-training Course Guide - See course PDF content here.

If you would like more information about the course and would like to discuss your training options with us please call us or visit our Contact page to email us.

In the News Recently...

Diploma of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training finalised | Next course Feb 2016
With work continuing on the inclusion of the Diploma of kinesiology (HLT51507) by the College of Neuro-Training, the first step in this process has been completed. The development of the Diploma of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training which covers all the specialisation units of the Diploma of kinesiology has been submitted for approval by the AKA (Australian kinesiology Association).

College of Neuro Training.  See course content here.

New Diploma Course added from February 2016

Valerie Walters is currently spending time studying and researching new areas of holistic research with the view to incorporating the results into her own training programs. 

As a training organization we are always looking to develop our own advanced training courses for existing Kinesiologists to expand their own knowledge and skills in these new areas.  Preliminary results are showing significant and tangible improvements in the effectiveness of this new research.

It is my hope that with my Kinesiology Training site you will come to share part of the understanding I have of Neuro-Training and that its benefits will become evident in your use of it for yourself and loved ones.

An important understanding my workshops will demonstrate is the concept of using protocols. They have become a part of Neuro-Training for a few basic reasons. Firstly, they have been used as a way of creating a formalized pattern of techniques which have been used to reorganize the nerve response regardless of what pattern the client may have created to disrupt their natural development.

Secondly they are a representation of an accumulation of knowledge based on experience over an extended period of time. So they are then an expression of a proven approach.

The drawback in using protocols exclusively, is that the client’s pattern of
neurological disruption can become so clouded, that the real issues may not be able to be balanced in the best possible way, and, at worst, completely suppressed. Of course there are safeguards we can use in conjunction with the protocols which makes them even more effective.

The real advantage of protocols is that they can cover a number of possible alternatives to the client’s dilemma simultaneously. They provide a neurological training that reminds the client’s nervous system of how it is supposed to operate.

Here is to a happy, fun and constructive training program, which ever you choose

Kind Regards,

Val Walters