New Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415

Description: The Diploma of Kinesiology is a government qualification that provides competence in Kinesiology practice and is also recognized with industry accreditation by the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK).

Pre-requisite: The new HLT52415 Diploma is now the entry point to formal Kinesiology Qualifications.
*Students who enrolled into the previous Diploma HLT51507 prior to August 2015 may continue this course but have until August 2017 to complete all studies.

Duration: This qualification is conducted over 2 years through face to face classes and home study assignments.

Outcome: Kinesiologist.

Diploma Modules:

  •   Activation Certificate (or its equivalent delivery in modules 1-6)
  •   Module 1: ASONT
  •   Module 2: Blueprint One
  •   Module 3: Principles of Recuperation
  •   Module R: Recuperation Clinic
  •   Module 4: Innate Intelligence
  •   Module 5: Integration
  •   Module 6: Client Care Clinic
  •   Module 7: Anatomy &Physiology
  •   Diploma Module: Nutritional Alternatives
  •   Diploma Module: Major Elective
  •   Diploma Module: Major Elective
  •   Diploma Module: Major Elective
  •   Diploma Clinic Module
  •    Nutritional Theory
  •    Practice Management 1
  •    Practice Management 2
  •    Practice Management 3
  •    Practice Management 4
  •    First Aid (External only)

Diploma of Kinesiology with a Major of Your Choice

Majoring In Human Excellence
  Blueprint Two
  Blueprint Synopsis
  Blueprint Three
  Blueprint Series Link
Majoring In Behavioral Genetics
  Face Traits One
  Face Traits Two
  Face Traits Three
  Genetics One
Majoring In Recuperation
  Context Of Recuperation
Majoring in Resolving Stress and Trauma
  Functional Neuro-Training One and Two
  Emotional Defences and Patterns
  Yin Yang One
Majoring In Women's Wellness
  Women's Wellness One and Two
  Women's Wellness Three
  Women's Wellness Four
Majoring In Universal Energies
Fears Habits and Beliefs
  Model of Universal Principles
  The 9 Pillars

Majoring in Adaptive Neurology
Diploma Module Elective 1
Diploma Module Elective 2
Diploma Module Elective 3