Neuro-Training is an innovative, solution oriented philosophy based on kinesiology techniques.  Founded by Andrew Verity, Neuro-Training provides a unique framework for the expansion of Kinesiology through the expression of individual potential and its purpose is to explore and understand the recuperation process.  

Neuro-Training works with the Universal Laws of Recuperation and honours the uniqueness of every person. No two people have the same genetic history, the same experience of life, the same inherited patterns, or the same motivators, resources, limitations and fears.  Each person has their own unique healing path.

Function and healing is about how well we can adapt to the many challenges in our life. It is about the expression of our values within ourselves, in our family, in society, and within the Universal Laws.  When we respond to life with fear, when we focus on defending, justifying, and compensating for the things we feel we cannot change; where we feel we have no choice, or suppress those things that we have no solutions for - we are surviving.

When we focus on solutions to the things that challenge us; when we retrain our neurology to positive expression; when we focus on our potential, our opportunities, our life direction, our healing and our quality of spirit - we are living.

Neuro-Training uses many skills, techniques, references, and challenges, together with an artistry of application, to find the most appropriate way for the person to way retrain their neurology to be solution oriented. Solution oriented means becoming aware of the limitations, the fears, the negative motivators, but focusing not on how to defend against these but how to focus on finding the solutions.

Imagine being able to redirect the energy that is tied up by fears, anxieties, suppressions and compensations, freeing that energy for solutions to the challenges in life. Imagine the benefit of focusing all that released energy into dreams, plans, and personal potential. Having access to inherited resources and a positive expression of the unique person that each of us is. 

Neuro-Training is unique in the application of the skills and techniques of natural therapies.

Several decades ago it was determined by the powers that be, that the medical profession should look after the health (or sickness) of the physical body, and religion would take care of the minds of the people.

This disintegrated approach created an environment for still further divisions to develop into specialist techniques and therapies for health and healing, each looking at a particular aspect of how we function and how we heal. 

We now see a "turning of the tide" from the disintegrative approach to health and healing, into an integrative approach which considers all the aspects of who we are and how we heal.

Neuro-Training and Life's Experiences.

When we are born our learning experience continues. We learn from our parents, grandparents, school, friends, enemies and so on and we become the result of all our experiences. We are taught many things by our families, our friends, our teachers, about how life should be for us and how we should behave, think and feel; these become our belief systems.

Neuro-Training focuses on our genetic make-up and our belief systems which help determine how we handle life's experiences for the rest of our life.

Our brain learns and remembers our reactions to these experiences, and we often "replay" the reaction when we get into the same or a similar situation. We learn to run and hide during a thunderstorm, we learn to laugh at certain jokes that other people do not laugh at and so on.

If we use the same reaction often enough, it becomes easy to react without thinking in some situations. Neuro-Training helps explain these pattern in our behaviour and what makes it increasingly difficult to think clearly about other alternatives and other choices we could make for ourselves.

We react one way to events that frighten us and react another way to events that make us feel good.

Neuro-Training acts as a positive influence on our sub-conscious brain, the part that remembers past events, may cause us to react in a particular way; emotionally, mentally and physically to certain situations.

For example: A knee or back injury may keep occurring. Why does it keep occurring? Various treatments work for a short time. Often these injuries get a label, which can often reinforce the "symptoms" and hence the "behaviour". We then "put up with it" because we believe (our belief systems) that this is how it will always be.

A relationship problem that appears to be unsolvable or never goes away.

We "don't have the energy" or can't "move on" from situations that distress us.

Neuro-Training helps us to think clearly and make decisions more easily without the accompanied stress that sometime occurs in the decision making process; This stress and sometimes an associated panic about stressful situations is often a "flight or fight" situation in which three quarters of our brain power is shut down to logic but it still has 100% ability to "flight or fight".

We aren't living to the best potential that we know we could or should be.

Investigating one’s neurology can be used as an aid to recuperation which can assist with the resolution of these situations outlined above and put you back on track to good health.

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