Latest research in Kinesiology

sampleVal Walters and Nilva Van Zeyl are always busy gathering material on the latest research material; physical, emotional, mental, genetic and biochemistry; just to name a few areas at the core of the our Education Centre syllabus for 2016 and beyond. We continue teaching students up-to-date philosophy and techniques and placing us at the leading edge of quality education.

Training with Kinesiology Education Centre is easy and fun!  You can study for personal interest and development or to become a professional practitioner with industry recognition.

Personal Development

Easternview Education Centre harnesses the latest research and delivers outcomes in self development techniques and personal development skills. It is a synthesis and integration of many alternative modalities that have enabled us to become a World Class training provider.

Industry Qualified

Easternview Education Centre training provides an integration of knowledge, theory and practice and has developed practical learning systems and learning enhancement programs ensuring its accredited courses conform to both Australian Government and the kinesiology peak-body accreditation (The AKA) for practical learning so you can become Industry Qualified.

A Global Business

Neuro-Training is taught in many countries in the European Union as well as in South Africa, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand.  New center's are opening in other countries as the awareness continues to spread.

In Australia, Neuro-Training courses are taught in Wollongong, Moss Vale NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and South West WA, Brisbane and Canberra.


sampleValerie Walters is currently spending time studying and researching new areas of holistic research with the view to incorporating the results into her training programs. 

As a training organization we are always looking to develop our own advanced training courses for existing Kinesiologists to expand their own knowledge and skills in these new areas.  Preliminary results are showing significant and tangible improvements in the effectiveness of this new research.

It is my hope that with my Kinesiology Training site you will come to share part of the understanding I have of Neuro-Training and that its benefits will become evident in your use of it for yourself and loved ones.

To be successful in kinesiology, new students need to learn from someone who is already successful. When a new kinesiology practitioner knows how to proceed, they can build their client list with confidence.

Only one person in a hundred is a "self-starter." The other 99 will require that you invest time into their success, and show them how to begin.

There are three steps to building your client list:

  1. Carefully lay down a path that can then later run on
  2.  Being involved with a kinesiology Trainer who is at the top of their profession.
  3. Working with the team to develop kinesiology depth and experience.

Just now, then for you, maybe just the right time to keep following along and then one thing may become certain:

If you learn your kinesiology art and skills from us and if you continue, you will develop a paradigm shift and learn new ways of applying this new found knowledge.

This is good because you now realize you must work in the right way within the right team and with the right tools as there is simply too much to do yourself.