Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415)

Easternview Education Centre offers a range of study options to suit most potential students including the Nationally Recognised: Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT52812)

Course Details (HLT52415)

A Diploma in Kinesiology is a nationally recognised qualification intended to provide students with the necessary skills to become a respected professional practitioner with industry recognition.

The Diploma delivers the latest research and developments in the Kinesiology industry including skills and techniques in the mental, emotional, physical, biochemical, nutritional and energetic contexts.  It provides excellent professional practical and technical skills on which to establish a Kinesiology and Natural Therapy business.

This comprehensive course is structured into 9 integrated modules comprised of a combination of face-to-face training and self-paced (at home) training. The modules are assessed via in-course assessments (practical, oral & written) and written assignments (self-study i.e. at home).

Class hours: 250 | Self-Study hours: 330 | Total hours: 580

Note: If you are receiving Austudy, Modules 7, 8 and 9 must be completed by 31 December 2015

Easternview Education Centre is able to offer this course as an Authorised Trainer for College of Neuro-Training.  Take a look at the Course Guide for College of Neuro-Training for details of this qualification.

Our 2014 course is being delivered in Wollongong or in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands by Nilva Van Zeyl and Valerie Walters - Authorised Trainers with College of Neuro-Training.

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Study & Payment Options

We offer a number of different payment options to suit the diverse needs of our students. For students who prefer to "test the water" you can begin by attending the first two days of Module 1 without assessment at a reduced fee. Options also include payment upfront in full, payment by module, time payments (weekly or fortnightly) and reduced costs for personal interest studies. Please contact us for more information.