The Blueprint Series of Workshops

The Blueprint Series. -- A set of 5 courses by Educating Alternatives.

The Blueprint series Certificated Workshops

The Blueprint series outlines a personal journey with kinesiology. Whether you do this series of workshops purely for your own growth and well being, and/or to add to your skills for practitioner status, you may find, as many have, that the Blueprint Series is life changing.

Blueprint references our genetic inheritance, mental patterns, deep states and belief systems. Sometimes these serve us very well - sometimes not so well, so here blueprint explores these avenues of personal awareness.

The Blueprint Series uses the references of Cheirology and kinesiology to influence change in the inherited and very deeply ingrained contextual imbalances at the genetic energy level.

The Blueprint Series is accredited with AKA

Training includes theory, practical sessions, manuals and a certificate of completion for each workshop or module.

Competency Assessments for the Blueprint Series.

Competency Assessments are included in day 4 of the Integration module. The cost of the assessment is included in the workshop or module fees.

Australian kinesiology Association (AKA)

The AKA has been the kinesiology industry association for over 25 years. There are 3 levels of Practitioner qualification. The Certificate of Solution Oriented kinesiology and the Home Study modules are AKA accredited.