The kinesiology I do integrates with the Natural and Universal Laws of Health and Healing; the laws of how we function and how we heal.

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Authorised Trainer

Neuro College Illawarra is an Authorised Trainer for the College of Neuro-Training, a national training developer responsible for much of the content and structure of our courses. 

College of Neuro-Training presents original information based on the latest neuro-science developments in a professional education format.  It operates a network of trainers throughout Australia as well as internationally.

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Client Care

In this 6th module as part of ASONT, we bring together your Neuro-Training and kinesiology skills together with the management of the client. From marketing your Neuro-Training with kinesiology practice, to working through a session and client follow up.

Some of the skills in this module are: interviewing a new client, obtaining a history, putting the client at ease, determining the priority issue, engendering self responsibility, dealing with people from different cultures, beliefs and languages, recognising and respecting boundaries, identifying contraindications, and making referrals.

During this module you will also be working in the student clinic, doing sessions with clients.

Pre-requisites:  Integration



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