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The Blueprint Series. --  A set of 5 courses by Educating Alternatives. 

Blueprint Three

"Continuing:- The personal journey; and a valuable asset to your professional skills"

This workshop is a natural extension of the defusions completed in the previous Blueprint Workshops. Blueprint Three explores the way we structure reality and how we function in our own Reality. Using muscle monitoring, we will find deeper and more significant influences on our Metaphor. The defusing  procedures in Blueprint Three focus on how we can change the reality filters we have formed into useful tools of self-governing change and development

Blueprint Three includes the following:

  • A unique correction procedure on chromosomal stresses using colour and shape cards from Switzerland, and further developments in the use of Deep States.
  • Rediscovering our power using Tao Te Ching Symbols to clear Life Dependencies.
  • Defusing Synaesthesia Patterns that restrict your natural perception and neurological growth.
  • Removing and selective dyslexia's by clearing Agnosia
  • The assessment of your Value Structures is and integral part of the final addition of new qualities into your Metaphor.

Workshop Duration: 4 days 9am-5pm.
Pre-requisite: Art of Solution Orientated Neuro-Training
(ASONT), Blueprint 1, Blueprint 2, Blueprint synopsis.

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