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The Blueprint Series. --  A set of 5 courses by Educating Alternatives.

Blueprint Two

"Continuing:- The personal journey; and a valuable asset to your professional skills"

This workshop is a very practical course and its direction is to educate and change old contexts and replace them with new and more appropriate alternatives at an individual's level. This workshop adds more Cheirology information to expand your Blueprint One references.

Blueprint Two includes all new correction procedures for resolving all the following:

  • Effects of inherited tendencies
  • Colour Doubt Diffusion
  • Miasms
  • Death Cycle
  • "Deep States"
  • Inherited Hypnotic Patterns
  • Infusing New Life References

Workshop Duration: 4 days 9am-5pm.
Pre-requisite: Art of Solution Orientated Neuro-Training
(ASONT) and Blueprint 1.

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