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The Blueprint Series. --  A set of 5 courses by Educating Alternatives.

The Blueprint series Certificated Workshops

A personal journey. Whether you do this series of workshops purely for your own growth and well being, and/or to add to your skills for practitioner status, you may find, as many have, that the Blueprint Series is life changing.

Blueprint references our genetic inheritance, mental patterns, deep states and belief systems. Sometimes these serve us very well - sometimes not so well. The Blueprint Series uses the references of Cheirology and kinesiology to influence change in the inherited and very deeply ingrained contextual imbalances at the genetic energy level.

Blueprint 1 (BP1)
This workshop is aimed at clearing away the restrictive inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours.
Using Cheirology (Hand analysis) as a reference in clearing; specific emotional and mental blockages held at a subconscious level; nine Brain Functions; Time Line; Learned Helplessness.
Defusing the Fear Spiral, using unique and powerful integration and correction procedures to remove specific psychological defenses.

Understanding the ways we defeat ourselves before we even start to do something. Clear accumulated pain, fear and illusion. Dissolve restricting influences of parents and others to enable CHOICE to direct individual direction.  BP1 is not only part of the Certificate of Solution Oriented kinesiology, but is the start of the Blueprint series.

Workshop Duration: 4 days 9am to 5pm
Pre-requisite: Beginning of Understanding kinesiology. (BUK)

Blueprint 2 (BP2)
Blueprint two continues the line of diffusions from Blueprint One. We barely touch the subconscious resources we have, and Blueprint Two opens the door to access those resources for present and future needs and provides techniques for healing and change.

Contact deeper states of awareness using the conscious mind to direct your subconscious resources at will. Clearing the effects of inherited tendencies and infusing new life references. Areas included are miasms, death cycle, inherited hypnotic patterns, and "deep states".

Blueprint Two continues this exciting and powerful personal journey.

Workshop Duration: 4 days 9am to 5pm
Pre-requisites: BUK, Blueprint 1

Blueprint Summary

  • The Blueprint Series is a life changing experience.
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