Key Benefits of Resolve Clinic Session.

After your Kinesiology Clinic Visit and Session.

As every person is unique in how they choose to heal, it is impossible to say how you will feel after a Kinesiology session.

Comments that have been made indicate how varied the initial responses can be: I am walking straighter, I feel lighter, I feel calmer, My head feels clearer, I feel very tired, I just want to sleep, I feel very energetic, I feel more alive, The pain has gone, I can move better.

Sometimes the benefits of the Kinesiology session are felt immediately, sometimes it takes a little time to settle in, and sometimes the symptoms can get worse before getting better.


If you feel tired, after a Kinesiology session then give into the tiredness and try to do a little as possible for the rest of the day and perhaps the evening. This is "giving" your newly retrieved energy (from all those limitations and previously unresolved issues) and allowing your innate healing ability to use the energy to further your own healing. Energy is required to reorganise the neurology, to improve your posture, resolve emotional stress, or whatever it is that your healing path needs to do. It is important that now you have new energy, use it to heal yourself.

Feeling very energetic;

The key here is not to "spend" all your newfound energy. I recommend that you don't go and party all night, or mow the lawns, or spring clean the house - at least not straight away! Nurture yourself - give yourself the gift of your energy for your own healing.

Changes can be dramatic and quick. Improvements and changes can be immediate or can be gradual. Be open to the results and benefits that are forthcoming.
Changes may also be slow the body as it deals with its new choices.

Pamper Yourself;

After your visit to Val's Clinic, try and relax. Give your Mind/Body healing time. Relaxation is good.

Healing takes time;

Continue to observe your healing processes. Write up a private diary about your feelings. The mind/body seeks an innate sense of balance, but sometimes the assistance given to re-establish that balance can make you tired or feel out of sorts for a few days. Don't worry this is normal, comprehensive healing often takes time. We have many resources that enable us to heal ourselves; we also have many influences that can limit our healing. Training our nervous system to use these resources gives us the ability to better influence our own health. By understanding these limiting influences and what to do about them will increases our ability to create health and to realise our potential.

Genetic Inheritance and Human Behaviour;

We have an innate ability to heal ourselves if we can. When for some reason we can't heal, our mind/body will let us know that there is an unresolved problem that we need to pay conscious attention to; It does so with symptoms.

Rather than just managing or suppressing those symptoms, Kinesiology seeks to find what it is that is maintaining the symptoms; what it is, that the body/mind is unable to resolve and then what is needed for the resolution and healing to take place.

The essential art of Kinesiology includes muscle testing. This technique relies on the way your muscles are connected to your brain via your nervous system. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

Using muscle testing with specific references and challenges, Kinesiology allows your brain to reveal what stresses you. This can be any kind of stress - anything to do with your health, work, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life….anything at all.

Kinesiology then seeks the best solution; the best technique/s for that particular problem; one that will train your nervous system and enhance you own natural healing and recuperation ability.

As people - How do we Heal?

Kinesiology has traditionally focused on techniques and over the years developed new ones and enhanced existing ones. Primarily my approach is one of 'integrating' the healing of the Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects of a person while respecting the forms of traditional and other natural therapies.

Function and healing is about how well we can adapt to the many challenges in our life. It is about the expression of our values, within ourselves, in our family, in society, and within the Universal Laws. This research also incorporates how best to apply techniques in a way that honour the natural laws of healing, creating a philosophy that is fundamentally different to other existing approaches.

We have 'options' in way our neurology functions. These 'options' once we are aware of them, can therefore show how we are healing and provide information as to why we may not be on our healing path.

One neurology option is survival. Taking this option we focus on defending or perhaps compensating for the things we feel we cannot change. This option often provides 'No Choice' in the way we feel, often suppressing those things that we have no solutions for.

The other option is living. Taking this option we focus on solutions and become successful in re-training our neurological expression. When 'living' we focus on our potential, our opportunities, our life direction, our healing and our quality of spirit, and all of which enhance our 'living' quality of life.

We are alive because!

In simple terms we are alive because of a number of systems within the body that work together.
These are:
Our blood circulation and breathing systems,
Our internal organ systems liver, kidneys etc,
Our skin system, which extends inside our body,
Our joints, tendons, muscles and the connective nerves,
Our nervous, electrical, and muscle systems,
Our digestive and repairs systems,
Our five main senses; Touch, sight, hearing, smells and taste which allow us to react with the outside world.
Our emotional systems that affects our physiology and behaviour.
Our mental systems that reflect our behaviours and attitudes.
The main thing Kinesiology does is to provide a stimulus to the brain and energy systems so a “Release” or a “Falling Away” of an issue can be completed. Because the issue causing the symptoms has now “Fallen Away”, the symptoms can then disappear completely.
Quite a statement isn't it but Holistic healing is not a new concept. As a Kinesiology practitioner I also work holistically. The power of the work I do is astonishing and because it involves each person's individual neurology, the total 'Being' of a person, the mind, the physical body and the attached emotions are all treated together resulting in very positive healing experience.

Key Benefits of Kinesiology

Improve your health, feel better about yourself
Realise your full potential
Change how you feel about your life and your world.

The Healing Process. - It can take time

Stresses, traumas, injuries, unresolved grief, and emotional problems - all the things that limit our health use up our energy while we trying to cope with them. The Kinesiology I do can facilitate the resolution of these limitations. As a person clears their limitations and stresses they regain their energy for further healing.

When a person starts on the path of re-healing himself/herself, a healing crisis may occur. A healing crisis is generally misunderstood, but when it is understood, the person looks forward to, and enjoys thoroughly the thought of having a healing crisis.

A healing crisis is simply the body cleansing itself, of emotional stresses, of misperceptions, and cleansing its tissues, replacing the old tissues with new. A cleansing crisis is something which is quite often needed by the body to eliminate toxins (emotional and physical) from the deeper recesses otherwise not touched.

In this process the person may experience some old symptoms, as the healing process “takes a look” at the unresolved “stuff” and starts to heal it. Don't worry this is a normal reaction.

It’s a wonderful thing to see and how people can truly reverse the process of degeneration and bring themselves back to a better health state.

With the use of Kinesiology we can reduce, if not completely eliminate the discomfort produced while a person is going through a healing crisis. However, it is a fact that sometimes when a person is going through a healing crisis, it can be more appropriate not to do any balancing as the person is already balancing him/herself. To intervene may deflect energy away from the healing process.

It is often difficult to identify the difference between the healing crisis and a degenerative process. With Kinesiology we can identify the crisis straight away and allow the active healing power of the person to carry them through the healing they need to go through.

It is sometimes difficult for a person to accept the fact that the healing crisis comes at the time when they are feeling their best. Invariably a person will say “but I was feeling really well, it was the best I had felt in my life”.

Because there is energy now available for healing, it is at this time you can often expect the crisis to occur, and it is at this time when the crisis can do its best work. When a person increases their available energy and when that energy gets to an excess, the excess is used by themselves to facilitate their own recovery. At this time the body can do its greatest work. It’s literally ridding the old so the new can take its place.

As you become more aware of your healing and take more responsibility for your own healing you will begin to recognise your own healing path. You will begin to look forward and enjoy the healing process. A few things that may help are:

Emotional Stress Release (ESR).

When you are looking for a new idea or option, when you have a problem to solve, when you are feeling stressed, ESR can help. Sit (or lie) in a comfortable position, place one hand across the back of your head; this is the cerebella region of the brain, where your history is stored; this is how you have "done" the problem in the past. Place your other hand across your forehead. This is your "thinking" area; your imagination where you can come up with a new option, a solution to the problem.
Hold the hands on your own head until you feel less stressed and anxious, until a feeling of calm begins to take over. You will find that you can think more clearly with less stress, and solutions will be more easily found.

Essences for Stress

If you have a stressful event coming up, such as exams, interviews, a deadline to meet. Whether the stress involves work, family, health or finance events, an essence may be just the support you need. I can make up an Essence to suit your individual needs. Essences used include: Bach Flower Essences, Essences of Change, Western Australian Living Essences, and Shell Essences. Essences may be made up as part of a consultation; or can be arranged with a special 10 minute clinic or telephone consultation.

Essences for Stressful Times

Rescue Remedy gives a sense of calm in the face of distress, shock, and anxiety. Can assist in the return to a more positive outlook when you need comfort and reassurance. It provides support at times of emotional demand, such as before a driving test, an interview, an exam, or a flight. Keep a bottle of this handy, in a purse or first aid kit, and have a few drops when you feel anxious, up tight, shocked or saddened.

Jet Lag Remedy (Shift workers assist) No more Jet Lag; arrive feeling energetic and great. Reset your time clock when travelling across time zones. Great also for shift workers, sleeping and eating at "odd" times. Using Flower essences and Essences of Change, Jet Lag Remedy can be made especially to order for your individual needs.

Nurture yourself;

Pampering and nurturing, how often do you do this for yourself? This is nourishment for the soul. Find what it is that you enjoy doing by yourself, and for yourself. Something that makes you feel relaxed, content, peaceful. Perhaps a walk on the beach, a stroll through the bush, listening to music, or sitting in a spa bath with a wine and good book. We are often more ready to give of our time and energy to others than to ourselves. Make a gift of time to to yourself. When we nurture self we are better able to nurture others.

Help your own Healing;

Self help if an extremely powerful method of stress reduction. The realisation (often it's a revelation) by you that some Self Help may be required can really speed the healing processes.

Pamper Yourself;

After a visit to Val's Clinic, Try and Relax. Give your Mind and Body plenty of healing time. Healing takes time; Continue to observe your healing processes. Write up a Diary if necessary.

Help is close; Take time to heal;

The mind/body seeks an innate sense of balance, but sometimes the assistance given to re-establish that balance can make you tired or feel out of sorts for a few days. Don't worry this is often normal, comprehensive healing often takes time.

Drink Water;

We are dependent on water. Every living cell requires water.

Article by:
Val Walters Kinesiologist

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