History of Resolve Kinesiology

If, as we go through this document you recognise something of Neuro-Training (NT) – so you should, as this work is not to replace NT, far from it, but in our experience with clients it adds to, and builds on, NT.

How did Resolve come into being?

I started working with kinesiology in the beginning of 1995. I was enthralled with TFH and went on to study every stream of kinesiology that was available in Australia at that time. In mid-1997, I was introduced to Neuro-Training (Educating Alternatives as it was then), and in NT, I found a form of kinesiology that offered more than just techniques.

Kinesiology had started with the Chiropractors and “Applied Kinesiology”

In the initial stages thus with all things physical. Touch For Health followed and added emotions. The ball was rolling, and many more people developed different kinesiology streams with different themes such as dyslexia, counseling, neural organisation, sports enhancement and so on.

Of all the kinesiology’s that I studied, I found Neuro-Training to be the most effective, which is why I have spent over a decade promoting that kinesiology; as part of the NT Executive Management team, in the establishment of the College of Neuro-Training, and now operating a campus of the College, and of course continuing to use NT in my clinic.

With all that, I was still frustrated by the fact that some of the time NT worked very well for people, but at other times it just did not seem to get to the problem at all, and even when it did, nothing changed for the person.

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