Introduction - Resolve Kinesiology

Valerie Walters Presents Resolve kinesiology

There are a million techniques out there (an exaggeration perhaps – or maybe not) that are applied to symptom patterns, and some of those will work some of the time.

They will work, in that the usually certain symptoms and/orbehaviour pattern will disappear or become resolved.

When the symptoms appear to have gone, the person may feel that they have had a “cure”. There are two possibilities, either they have resolved their conflict and have indeed achieved a “cure”, or they have enlisted defence strategies to enact denial, avoidance, and/or suppression.

We have available to us, also through our genetic ability, a myriad of such defence strategies with which to secure our survival, when our ability for living is distressed:

My Resolve Series - continue in Feburay 2014.

And now to a wider audience, they are on again in 2014.

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Don't Just Take My Words For It... Listen To What People Are Saying About This Course and System...

"Resolve kinesiology is the most comprehensive system to date!"
- Nilva - Practising Kinesiologist -

"Gives a new meaning to adage ‘find the problem, fix the problem' I have so far to date!"
- Angela - Practising Kinesiologist -

"This is a really great system. It completely removes guesswork!"
- Megan - Practising Kinesiologist -

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