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For up-to-date information about my Training Workshops incorporating our new Resolve Series training, you've come to the right place.  This page has a  lot of different types of information for those of you who are curious about what we do and how kinesiology works.

Quality Techniques & My Resolve Workshops.

There is a “mountain” of quality techniques in kinesiology that kinesiology practitioners from around the world have been using for 60 years or more. So we do not have a shortage of techniques to apply to our patients.

However the methodology of how kinesiology is practiced and the results practitioners obtain are often difficult to measure and quantify.  

So my Resolve Workshops are not about more techniques. Instead there is a lot of informed information about understanding how we function as human beings – all great stuff!

My Resolve Series of workshops and training modules are about building on information already gained by you when you completed your Certificate IV (or Diploma) in kinesiology.

My Resolve Series of workshops will provide you with a uniform methodology which will enhance your skills and techniques you already work with. Resolve Kinesiology takes into consideration not only the knowledge and experience you have gained both during your qualification period and your continual practice and experience.

The main feature of my Resolve Kinesiology Workshops  is then to provide a framework and methodology to your existing experience so you can obtain better and faster results your patients can see. These workshops are not providing you with new techniques but rather a methodical framework in which you can apply these techniques you already have.

Now it is time for something different

When the symptoms appear to have gone, the person may feel that they have had a “cure”. There are two possibilities, either they have resolved their conflict and have indeed achieved a “cure”, or they have enlisted defence strategies to enact denial, avoidance, and/or suppression.

I did not directly set out to seek something different, even though I was acutely aware that while I was doing a “good job” I was not working as well I wanted to in helping people resolve their issues.

I also knew that I would not find "what it was that I wanted" by studying and learning more techniques. It is the continual need of technique driven practitioners, who realize that their particular technique does not work for all the people all the time that has spawned so many thousands of techniques – and continues to do so.

Now is the time for me to change my approach to kinesiology

Everything has to change and grow. We can do the same techniques and methodology a thousand times over, and call it experience. (Repeating what you do in one year for another 9 years, does not add up to 10 years’ experience, but one year’s experience 10 times). True experience comes with movement, new learning, changing and doing something different. The brain doesn’t pay attention to same!

I know that when the energy is “right” opportunities “suddenly appear” – or more correctly, you are in the right frame of mind, the right energetic space, to recognize that opportunities are there. An email arrived from a colleague in Perth – a Germanic New Medicine workshop in Sydney November 2009.

Germanic New Medicine workshop

This workshop set me on what was to become the Resolve path. It showed me a whole new way of looking at the conflicts that people have. A year later, another colleague, Nilva Van Zeyl, came across the trauma work of Dr Robert Scaer.

Many books, webinars, workshops, reading, and study later, I have developed a methodology that we (Nilva and I) have found works with most people, most of the time. Nilva and I have been using this developing methodology for over three years now and comparing notes to see what works best with our clients.

Just as I found that, in my opinion, the “best” kinesiology Neuro-Training could be added to, Resolve continues to evolve.

Nothing is ever finished. Nothing can stand still, be static, everything must go forward or it will go backwards, but Resolve it is at a good stage now I believe to start passing on the information. So welcome!

My Resolve Research Continues...