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The kinesiology I do integrates with the Natural and Universal Laws of Health and Healing; the laws of how we function and how we heal.

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My history, how I became a Kinesiologist, my qualifications and how I came upon Andrew Verity's work.

Val Walters Professional kinesiology Instructor & Practitioner.

§  I began my interest in alternative health and medicines reading about ancient cultures when still in my teens. After many years working in commerce, I made the decision to take my interest in alternative medicine, from interest to career.

§  I was introduced to, and fascinated by, muscle testing about 12 years ago. I discovered that muscle testing was more than a valuable tool used by many natural therapist, but rather part of the complete science of kinesiology, I was “hooked” and I started studying kinesiology 11 years ago; (and I haven’t stopped!)

Accredited Practitioner
§  I am a professional kinesiology Practitioner registered with the Australian kinesiology Association (AKA). and run a very successful Clinic treating people from around Australia and international travelers.

Accredited Instructor
§  I am
also an accredited kinesiology Instructor with teaching qualifications approved by the Australian and International Touch For Health Association, and with Educating Alternatives kinesiology. Valerie has studied and done well over 2500 hours of accredited training, run dozens of accredited courses and could be said that kinesiology is truly her passion.

Member of the Educating Alternatives Executive.
§  I am
is one of the team of 4 in Andrew Verity's EA Executive. As President, Andrew continues to teach his courses around the globe.  The Solution Orientated kinesiology procedure is a result of many hours of me using the technique in my Clinic over a 7 year period.

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