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Easternview Education Centre is a Wollongong-based training company that has been operating for over 17 years, delivering high quality kinesiology and Neuro-Training courses predominantly in Wollongong and Sydney and Moss Vale.

Val Walters and Nilva van Zeyl - My Kinesiology Training Class Reviews

My Kinesiology & Neuro-Training Classes  - The Philosophy behind what I do.

What is unique about Val's and Nilva's kinesiology Classes is that they are being taught by 2 of the best people in the Kinesiology and Neuro-Training Industry!

Many things are unique in my kinesiology classes when you compare it to other kinesiology's. I teach more than just what is general in the world of kinesiology Classes  it is unique in the world of health and healing.

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My kinesiology Education Centre Business was established in response to an enormous demand for training in natural therapies that actually work.  Much of this demand has come through our clinic, Easternview Recuperation Centre, which actively uses kinesiology and Neuro-Training techniques, known as NT kinesiology.

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What We Offer in Kinesiology and Neuro-Training

Easternview Education Centre offers a range of courses for both professional qualification and personal interest studies. Most of our courses are also designed to be interchanged between personal interest and professional qualification at any time.  This allows you to "test the water" before committing to a full qualification.

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If you are interested in being a respected practitioner of kinesiology and Neuro-Training, we deliver a nationally recognised certificate course that has been accredited by the Australian kinesiology Association (AKA).

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Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415)

(HLT52415) is recognised nationally by the AKA, the kinesiology Peak Body in Australia. A Cert-IV in kinesiology provides excellent professional practical and technical skills on which to establish a kinesiology and Natural Therapy business.

At Easternview Education Centre we deliver the latest research and developments in the kinesiology industry including client care skills and research founded kinesiology techniques in the mental, emotional, physical, biochemical, nutritional and energetic contexts.

Delivered over 9 integrated modules this comprehensive course establishes high quality professional expertise providing an excellent baseline on which to build your skills as respected practitioner.

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Neuro-Training Certificate

Neuro-Training is a relatively new modality in the world of kinesiology based on the latest neuro-science research from around the globe and developed into a series of comprehensive training courses.

Our premier training modules address all aspects of the person, including emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, and importantly integrates each of these aspects.  Often missed by other modalities available in the market, integration allows for long-lasting results which are sometimes subtle and sometimes profound.

Many clients have found the effects of Neuro-Training to be life-changing.  This focus on integration is unique within the natural therapy industry, and is what sets it apart from other types of kinesiology and other modalities in general. 

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